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To deliver on Royal Focus Group vision to be the world-leading, most successful and innovative supplier of access solutions, Royal Focus Group has set two financial targets.

To deliver 10 percent annual growth through a combination of organic and acquired growth

To deliver an operating margin of 16-17 percent

Over a longer term and as an average over an economic cycle. Royal Focus Group’s strategic focus on market presence, product leadership and cost-efficiency has been very successful. The Group’s growth and earnings trend has created significant value for customers, shareholders and employees.

Average annual growth over the past ten years has been 9 percent. The Group’s growth in 2019 was 12 percent, including 3 percent organic growth and 3 percent from acquisitions. Average operating margin over the past ten years was about 16 percent, excluding items affecting comparability.

Earnings per share have increased by 60 percent since 2014.

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