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KSK Hospitality Private Limited (KSKHPL/a Royal Focus Inc., Canadian Corporation’s entity) is part of the Royal Focus Inc. And is one of the India’s largest food Brands service Company. The Company holds the master franchise rights/Joint Venture Brand Rights for major India/Asian Brands brands, Motimahal Delux, Malabar Café, Yeti , and adding many more brands in Legacy Indian and Asian Food addressing different food market segments of USA and Canada. The Company also plans to launch its first home grown brand – in Indian Street Snacks in QSR Kitchen in Indian authentic cuisine segment.

The Corporation plans to operate in major cities of Canada & USA. The Corporation’s homegrown brand – in Indian Street Snacks in will have around 300 QSC (Quick Service Counters) in Indian/Asian authentic snacks cuisine segment. The Corporation will have over 200 brand ambassadors committed to deliver value to its customers.

The Corporation is Targeting Revenue of C$50 Millions in year 2021 from all verticals including Food &Hospitality Business.

Why invest in Royal Focus Inc

KSK Hospitality Private Limited (KSKHPL/a Royal Focus Inc., Canadian Corporation’s entity) is part of the Royal Focus Inc s investment story is built on more than 5 years of successful growth, which has turned Royal Focus Inc into a global leader in access solutions.

Future shareholder value is built on organic and acquired growth and a continuing process of rationalization and synergies across the Group.



Royal Focus Inc has made almost Three acquisitions since the Group companies were formed in 1981 in India, and has a target of 5 percent acquired growth over a business cycle. The Group’s acquisition strategy is focused on three areas: Increasing geographical market presence, complementing the product range and adding new technologies in key areas. Have a look at our acquired companies below or experience the KSK Hospitality Private Limited Royal Focus Inc’s historical timeline


Royal Focus Inc group was founded in 1981. Learn how we built on our foundation as a regional player with Publisher & Books Distribution Corporation to becoming the global leader in multiple solutions, enabling having domain experience from Books Distributors, Publishing, IT Hardware & Software Solutions, Industrial Real Estate Development, Export of Ready Made Garments, International & Commodity Trading, Financial, Marketing ,Import & Export Consulting, Food & Hospitality


Royal Focus Group was founded in 1981 through the merger of With the main object of Building of Services Business in various Domains .Now plans to acquire low PPS (Per Person Sales) Food and Hospitality Outlets and Establishemnts.

Besides the acquisitions listed here, Royal Focus Group has acquired more than 3 smaller companies over the years. The Group is now almost 25 times larger than in 1981.

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