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The Royal Focus Inc, Canada Group, with global workforce of around 110 employees, has a strong presence in diverse sectors like Scrap Material, Foods, Hospitality and It& ITES, Fine Dining, Food Service (QSR), Food .Royal Focus Inc., Group has flagships Companies- Royal Focus Inc, holding Corporation, and Subsidiaries Royal Global Inc., USA, KSK Hospitality Private Limited, Grandlink Global Pvt. Limited, Singapore , AKRB Sales International Trading, Inc., Philippine, Empral Global Private Limited, India. All these Enterprise are Privately Funded and Closely Held corporations.

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Mission & Vision

The Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail’s mission is to set up outlets with the least amount of capital expenditure and provide extensive menus and multiple revenue sources while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and quality that customers will buy.

Our Journey

Shri. Kundan Lal Gujral, the man who introduced tandoor to this country. He was born in the 1900s in an undivided Punjab in Chakwal. He had faced a tough time when he lost his father in his childhood, and the whole responsibility of his family was fell on his shoulder. To support his family, he dug a tandoor right in the middle of an eatery in Peshawar and that was the time when the invention of legendary culinary Tandoor happened.

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